Visualizing density vdbs in the viewport.
Hey everyone,

Does anyone know a way to properly visualize density volumes in the viewport? Something that is properly lit, same as the fumefx gpu preview or the volume visualization options in houdini.

Does max have some sort of native volume viewer or is there some vdb plugin or tool i can use?


P.S. Is there also a way to see the vdb grid resolution for your current frame? Similar to how you can have the particle count displayed at the top of the flow.
tyFlow doesn't have a way of rendering them like that, you'll have to use PhoenixFD.
3dsmax devs working on it, this video is from the official roadmap:

In the meantime you can make low res spheres as partilce shapes and apply a shader to them with a falloff map in perpendicular/parallel mode, in the opacity slot. Where the center should be a variation of dark grey and the borders total black. The greyscale of the center color affects the total opacity of the volume because it stacks in depht.

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