Tyflow not updating when rendering sequence
Hi all, 

I have issues with tyflow not updating while rendering sequence.
Brief explanation, I'm trying to render out some waves and came across tutorial on youtube by Stu Lloyd who use it with phoenix. 
Followed tutorial and all goes well up until rendering where tyflow is not updating while rendering sequence. 
When rendered out one by one all goes well and is following phoenix and behaving well but in 'active time segment', 'range' or 'frames' it just stays on first one. 

This is my first time using tyflow so hopefully this is a beginners mistake and easy to solve. 

I use Corona 5 and Max 2020.
I can't really debug issues with renderers, beyond simple stuff. But knowing that sequences render fine with scanline/vray/redshift/etc leads me to believe this is a Corona issue. I'd suggest contacting the Corona devs about it.
Ok, thanks for replying

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