terminating a Simulation
Hi Guys,

just want it to do no simulation at all after a certain amount of frames, so that the rest of the Animation can stay fast as it was before the Simulation began.

thanks in advance for any Feedback!
You can use the retimer to do this. For example, if your timeline goes from frame 0-100 but you only want to ever simulate frame 0-50, you can enable the retimer, set a keyframe on the frame spinner at time 0 with a value of 0, set a keyframe on frame 50 with a value of 50 (remember to set the graph tangents to linear...you can right-click on the spinner and do that from the tyFlow menu at the bottom), and then your sim will only ever simulate that range.
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thank you very much - working perfect!  =) 

I was playing with the Stop Node, but that didn´t work.
I wouldn´t say that the way over the Retimer is an intuitive Idea, but it also isn´t that unlogical too, isn´t it? =)

also saw for the first time the Menue INSIDE the Spinner -  nice one! Haven´t seen it yet and remembers, that there are many hidden features to make live easier

according to that I recognized that the spinners @ "By Speed" Options are not having this feature. That is intentional?

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