Cloth sticking to collider when using maps?
I had  unpredictable results using tyslicer, so I am using a texture map to make a controlled tear. The maps work great however the cloth always sticks to the collider.
(see image)

[Image: JOWLWRC.png]

 I have the TIME STEP set to 1/4 or 1/6 frame  and set up the cloth tear as usual.  Any suggestions?
Are you using the CCCS?
(02-18-2021, 04:36 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Are you using the CCCS?

No, I never installed the cuda  dlls. Is that my solution?

Ok, that was it. Once installed, it worked perfectly.
Much appreciated,
Yea, the CCCS is tyFlow's accurate cloth collision method...all of its alternatives (Particle Physics op) will give sub-par results or sticking artifacts like the ones you ran into.
Ok the problem returned when I applied "self Collisions" in the CUDA collision solver panel.

I've gone thru every possible settings that made any sense to me but the collider sticks to the cloth when Self collisions are enabled. Can you point me towards the correct workflow to eliminate this stickiness ?

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