Collision on spline
I'm super impressed by Tyflow, thank you for your work i'm sur all 3dsmax user are like kids playing with particles today ! Cool

Just playing with the example scene and you can do really cool stuff, this is so powerfull AND simple.
I was trying to do a dynamic cobweb  for a project in TP but i will finally just try to do it in Tyflow instead. So i have 2 question with spline

in this example at 0:35 how can we apply the physics to the splines, if for example we start with the tyFlow_splines_003.max example scene ?
(already done a system like that in TP, it was difficult... had to born sphere on particles, then joint all the sphere, then add physics and collision, and finally fake a spline over the colliding spheres, is it like that in Tyflow too ?)

And i'm curious how can we approach a dynamic web in Tyflow,
I was a bout to create 2 particles group born on different object, then connect point A to point B ( don't know how for the moment haha) and finally convert it to spline but i would love to have the master input on that Smile

OH, and thanks for the modifiers too ! seriously, the TyBoolean is so cool !!


Yes, in tyFlow there's no internal representation of a spline as lines connected by points....merely the points of a spline themselves, which can later be converted by into a spline with a Spline Paths operator.

So if you want collisions between splines, you'll need to create particles with a collision radius that span the length of the spline, close enough together so that they prevent the resulting splines from passing through each other. It's very easy to setup....especially since tyFlow can take input splines and also respects your spline interpolation you can easily dial in the density of the spline points.

So you'd make your spiderweb out of splines in max, use a normalize spline modifier on it to create enough points, convert the resulting spline into tyFlow particles with a Birth Surface operator (with 'split elements' turned on)...connect the particles together with a Particle Bind operator (set to 'sibling bind' mode). Get them colliding with a Particle Physics operator....then convert the sim back to splines with a Spline Paths operator set to constraint mode. In the resulting spline paths object you'll also want to turn on weld constraints. Pretty simple setup overall.
Thanks for the detailled answer ! i will test it right now !
I tried to collide splines, it works fine, but if I want to increase diameter of my shape and keep its knots too closed, collision shapes overlap and give a bad shape.
Any idea ? A solution should be to have non spheric collision shapes along spline.
Or a better solution  Big Grin [attachment=24]
Hey first image looks cool ! Have to try it !
how do you manage to have smooth transitions like that between the lines ? i tried the relax operator with no luck.
I manage to have a similar effect, but with straight lines for the moment. looks cool
The spline operators is really nice ! simple and powerfull.

Oh i think i found it ! you can weld the knot and put a turbosmooth modifier over the TysplineMesher ! WTF !!! so cool
@Ced J, here is the file.
@hhbomb Thanks i will test it ! Smile
max 2018
(04-03-2019, 11:48 AM)HHbomb Wrote: max 2018
Thanks ! Yes  simple setup and it works well !

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