tyMesher suggestions
I love it so far, but there are some improvements:

- mesh non uniformly scaled /formed particles correctly, so we could mesh flat particles on surfaces (like a thin water-coating or droplets running down glass with flat trails.
- viewport/render density settings to have it fast in viewport and pretty at render time.
- some kind of anisotropy mesh taking in account the velocity of the particles and change stretching or melting settings accordingly to neighbors in moving direction. Thinkbox Frost can do this and it greatly improves meshing of liquid particles.
- tyFlow details like selection of simulation groups
- motionblur? VrayMetaball and Frost can do it 
- a more blobby / dissolving mode with smaller particles connecting over wider gaps to their neighbors, Gaussian isn't bad but more and wider

I didn't even dreamed of a tyflow mesher because most of us have VrayMetaball or Frost but you surprised me.   Again.   
Thanks a lot, tyflow is the most amazing particles/physics thing to happen to 3dsmax for 15 years.
First of all:

I friggin LOVE the tyMesher!! I was hopping it would come at some point, but I would have never thought it would come that fast...

I would also love to be able to exclude by groups and having a viewport/render resolution might be useful as well, although in its current form its already pretty fast and I´m not sure you´d actually need it.
Also the connecting smaller dots over wider distance would be interesting, so you could have thin tendrils without more particles.
In my first try I just used a resample op to close the gaps between smaller particles, but that changes the simulation at times and isn´t that easy to control (at least in my setup, might have to dig deeper there.).

A couple more suggestions:

1. You can pick several objects in the tyFlow (brilliant, wouldn´t even have thought of that), so it would be cool if you could set different settings for the radii of each object. Not sure if that makes sense from a programming PoV.

2. Not a suggestion, but rather a question...is the tyMesh compatible with Vraydisplacement? So cool though, that you can use all kinds of modifier on top.

Scratch the part about the render resolution. Thats totally there already....doh.
Thanks for the suggestions. No doubt tyMesher will continue to be improved in the future Smile

tyMesher will pick up the radii of your particles by default, so if you need per-flow radius settings, just change the size of your particles.
No doubt about it...Wink

But just to be clear: I´d like to be able to pick different radii per event or additional object for even more finetuning control, not just per flow.

For example, in the test I posted earlier on facebook (the t-cell), I´d use a smaller radius for the emitter object and a smaller radius for the tentacle particles.

But again. This is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship with me and tyMesher...Wink
I got one more...
I´ve basically just played around a lot and noticed that sometimes it seems like tyMesh respects the particle shape in the meshing process and sometimes it doesn´t, but instead just uses the particle pivot to place blobs.

Sounds fishy and like I just don´t get how it works and possibly I´m just seeing things that are not there.
But for example, I had a voronoi fractured piece and tyMesher seemed to hug the voronoi shapes closely (at least with enough resolution). And then I had some other shapes and I just got blobs at their pivots.

Hm, I think I know where my confusion is coming from.

I had tried tyMesher with a voronoi to cloth conversion setup to get a more organic breakup than just with voronoi.
So due to the cloth conversion I suddenly had the (invisible) cloth particles that got meshed, when before I had only the voronoi particles. I still get blobs at particle positions in both cases and it just looks as it "sometimes" meshes the shape and sometimes just the positions.

So unfortunately the thing I´m trying to do now isn´t working out of the box.

If I have one big shape as a parent particle and many smaller shapes spawned on its surface, I´m not getting that big shape and the smaller shape in the tyMesher, but only one small blob for the parent particle and many smaller blobs for the spawned particles, wether I have shape and mesh op in the flow or not.

One workaround would be to spawn smaller particles on each particles surface, (the big one and the smaller ones on its surface) so tyMesh has more particles to mesh.


Create a Max Mesher object and pick that in the tyMesher.

So, ultimately, yeah, would be great if we could have an option to either pick particle positions OR the shapes as a base for the mesher.

Unless I´m still doing it wrong and thats already possible without the max mesher workaround.

I´m adding a couple of screens to illustrate this mess of a description...

Ok, here is the model I want meshed (object+particles spawned on surface)


Here I tried creating it in one tyFlow (spawning the object and the particles on the parent surface) and meshing that. With the resulting small blobs per particle position.


Here is the workaround with the max mesher compound object.

Thanks again for implementing the shape option!

Now I have another small request: An option to "hide before" or "hide after" a certain frame would be useful in some cases.
(07-05-2019, 07:35 AM)insertmesh Wrote: Thanks again for implementing the shape option!

Now I have another small request: An option to "hide before" or "hide after" a certain frame would be useful in some cases.

This shape option, I have to test it at home, but... Can we have an "Instance mesh" instead?  similar to what Frost 2.0 did with vrayInstancing. But adding more compatibility, I will say Arnold procedurals will be sweet.

And yes, motionblur should be a priority.

Thanks Tyson!

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