Motion graphics to tyflow
Hi, TYSON. Recently I heard a lot of friends discussing "Motion graphics".
I seriously thought about it. If you implement motion graphics in MAX, you can only use particles or data channels. If you use particles, it is particularly troublesome and complicated. Not so fast. Because particles control a variety of motion patterns, a lot of calculations are needed. There are so many steps.

TFLOW 0.16034 adds a new "Filters". I think I saw hope and potential, I think if TFLOW can continue to integrate and simplify some of the "Motion graphics" features and needs. TFLOW will become more attractive.

For example: shaking the animation node. The particle's "angle", "position", and "zoom" can be shaken back and forth or left and right or up and down.
The curved node can individually control bending, distortion, etc. for each particle of the subdivision.
Spring function.
Specific reference:
Good idea, I think this function can currently be implemented with a script, but it would be better if it could be graphical
Yes, please integrate mograph tools into the system! TyFlow is so promising, it definitely has the potential to be the core of mograph tools in 3dsMax universe.

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