Modify particle ID
About "Shape"'s "Reference node". If you change to a list form, many animations will become more flexible.
After the "Birth Shape" and "Shape" objects are converted into particles, the particle ID is random. I hope there is order. And it can be modified.
The easiest way is to want to determine the particle ID by the order in the list. This will do some very interesting things.
Birth Shape should generate particles in the order of the list.....but you are correct about the Shape operator, it chooses from the list at random.
If the way "shape" reads an object is also in the form of a list, then I can customize the start time of the object animation.
In this case, I will be able to redistribute the animation start time of the object.
  A: There is a head now, his skin is slowly splitting, and the cracked part of the skin is slowly tilted up until it falls off. At this point I have adjusted all the animations in unison, and I need particles to disturb the animation.
  B: For example, there are a lot of buildings, I gave them a unified slice growth animation. At this time I need to make the building grow according to the conditions.
  There are still many examples. I didn't mention "Actor" here because "Actor" can't recognize many custom animations, such as slice animations. And "shape" can recognize a variety of animations, so I hope that "shape" can have a list like "Birth Shape".
This way I can reactivate the animation start time for objects that have animations. This will become very useful and interesting.

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Can you provide a simplified scene file showing what you are unable to accomplish? Maybe it's already possible and I just don't understand the request....
First of all, thank you very much for your answers, thank you very much.
To distinguish, I changed the object to "red" and the particles to "green" and "orange".
Assuming this scene is a very large building complex, I used the slicing tool to create an animation that made the building disappear. I added "Slice" to all buildings and made a disappearing animation. Since this animation is too singular, I want to change this "unified slice animation" by particles, making the animation disappear from left to right.
In this scene, "Birth Shape" can inherit the shape of the object very well, but can't change the animation. So I used "Shape" to trigger this slice animation.
Simply put, I want to use a particle to change the animation rules of a unified animation. For example, from left to right, from the center to the periphery, and so on.

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Ah I see what the issue is. Yes, that's a difficult one. Even assigning shapes in order won't work here, because it's not guaranteed that the order the Collider operator will send particles to the next event will be the same order they were birthed in. Also it gets more complicated since the Shape operator has controls for frequency, and both operators have controls for splitting particle groups/elements which can make it so that the total number of possible shapes for each operator isn't the same, even if the input nodes are the same.

I'll have to think more about a solution....

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