Change default spawn values
Just a minor request, but I wish the spawn ops values would default to some other values.
Currently I regularily crash tyFlow by adding a spawn operator while being not at the beginning of the timeline, which regularily results in waaaaay too many particles being spawned. Although the spawn op is already set to "on entry" by default, as soon as I switch to per second or by travel distance, I can easily bring 3ds max to a halt, where only killing it in the task manager gets me out of it.
If those values would be changed to something like "1" for per second and "10" for travel distance, that would probably help reduce some stress for people like me, that tend to play around a lot instead of working precise and orderly...Wink
Holding Shift + ESC can abort long operations like spawning particles. It works differently than simply holding ESC, which itself cannot be used to cancel mid-frame calculations, but is only queried at the end of each frame.

There are dozens of operators whose addition to a flow can result in long calculation times if inserted at the wrong place in the wrong time. I don't think handicapping default values for operators is an ideal resolution to that situation...especially considering that the Spawn operator defaults aren't even the slowdown, it's only when you manually switch to a different emission mode.
Hm, yeah, I keep hitting "EXC" into "Shift+ESC", but I still get times where spawn is going nuts.
I get it. Always tough to decide between defaults for the "stupid" and defaults that make sense...

I´m just wondering what the best practise would be to avoid those "stupid" mistakes.

1) Always go back to frame zero before adding new ops.
2) Don´t add sensitive operators (like spawn) directly to the flow, but instead place them outside the event and tweak the settings before adding it into the event.
Just don't switch your Spawn operator to persecond or bytravel until you've set an output event.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Its just to easy to get carried away with all the tyFlow excitement....Wink

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