tyFlow v0.16038 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16038 is out!



* added ability in Shape operator to load preview data from .vrmesh file for viewport display
* added ability in tyCache object to display simplified mesh in viewport containing subset of original faces
* added new distribution option to Shape operator (index from custom data float)
* added Instance ID operator for controlling VRay instance IDs (for use in vray multimat)
* added 'first or last vertex' to Surface Test (for testing against proximity to spline start/end)
* Birth Shape operator renamed to Birth Objects, ability to inherit input object meshes is now optional....disabling mesh inheritance will speed up transform copy  from objects to born particles.
* added local/world coordinate options in Export Particles operator
* added default frame option to Shape operator for choosing which frame to query in the view when animation updates are set to render only
* added 'remove duplicates' option to listbox [...] menu to listboxes that allow duplicate entries (tySwitcher)
* "No material" option added to instance material override operator, for clearing material assignments
* filters added to Particle Bind operator
* added sequential clip playback option to Actor Animation operator, for automatically playing through multiple animation clips without having to switch events
* Scale operator proximity/texmap multipliers now respect scale mode (for example, in 'relative add' mode the multipliers will apply to the spinner values, not the result as a whole). This allows for additive scale effects using the texmap/proximity settings.
* Birth Voxels and Spawn operators given "minimum distance from surface" setting, for culling voxel particles within a certain distance to their parent surface


* fixed a crash that could occur when exporting tySplines in a tyCache
* fixed an issue where applying a Meshsmooth/Turbosmooth to a tyFlow or tyCache would take an extremely long time to calculate
* fixed an issue where tyMeshes matIDs/UVWs were not transferring properly when multiple mesh objects were added to the input list
* fixed a bug where Find Target 'by time' mode would not work with a custom data value as the target location.
* fixed a bug where tyCaches would continually reload internal meshes if cache files contained no particles
* fixed a bug where tyCache validity intervals would not be set properly if clamp and frame offsets were both applied
* fixed a bug where max could hang when exporting many objects
* fixed a bug where tyCaches in local coordinate mode rendered with VRay would render with incorrect normals when rotated
* fixed a bug where adjusting Cloth operator shell matID overrides would not update the mesh until the sim was reset
* fixed a regression where Object Bind operator was having issues since the previous integration of particles filters
* fixed a bug where Shape operator would assign material override if .mat file was specified even if mtl override mode was set to "none"
* fixed incorrect behavior in Fuse operator when fusing with other particles in the same event whose event age is greater than 0
* fixed an issue where tyFlows would reset when any object in the scene was moved, if they were using a tyCache as an input object
* tyCollection no longer allows duplicate listbox entries
* fixed an issue where the listbox [...] menu of tySwitchers would crash max
* tyCaches in local coordinate mode will no longer reload/regenerate their mesh when their transform changes
* VRay Proxy objects that are used as tyFlow input objects will consider proxy node animation playback settings before loading directly from file.
* fixed an issue where layering mutliple tyBoolean modifiers on top of each other could prevent input operand animation from updating
* fixed an issue where trajectory tySplines were not interpolating smoothly when slowed down using the retimer
* Scale operator 'relative add' mode now actually relative to existing scale values rather than (1,1,1)

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