Being able to change cloth mesh topology
it would be really great if we would be able to change the topology of the cloth mesh dynamically. 

Currently when I delete some cloth particles, the cloth mesh disappears. It would be cool if it would be re-generated, maintaining the correct velocities.

This would enable us to have control over effects like dissolving cloth with acid for example.

Thank you
Intuitively it might make sense to be able to delete vertices of the cloth mesh and such, but many optimizations of the cloth solver/generator are reliant on the internal consistency of its face count over time (notice that even tearing does not change cloth face count), so currently this is not possible, and it probably doesn't make sense to ever try and implement an alternate system...since deleting verts that cause faces to disappear won't look acceptable in renders...for something like an acid dissolve it probably make more sense to drive the effect with an animated texture put in the cloth shader's transparency slot or something.

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