tyFlow Cryptomatte workflow
Hi there,

I've been wondering what is the best/easiest way to get tyFlow particles to show up in Vray's Cryptomatte render pass.

I've got 1 flow with 1 birth event and one shape operator with 2 shapes in it (each shape has a separate scene material applied to it). Then at the end there's a mesh operator (set to Vray instance) for rendering.  

For the cryptomatte I've set it to render by material name. 
All I get is a black screen in the crypto render pass.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

Hmm, I've never used cryptomatte before, nor am I familiar with how VRay generates it. I'll have to look into this more when I have the chance...
Gonna pitch in here, there's definitely some thing strange going on with cryptomatte and tyflow. 

For me, the tyflow mesh, whether it be a triangle mesh or vray instances seems not to differentiate from one of the other objects in the scene. No matter the cyptomatte mode, the tyflow mesh will always be considered under the same matte as another object in the scene.

Here's a super basic example of what i'm talking about. The tyflow mesh is on the bottom left (sphere):

Note that the matte for the tyflow mesh and torus object (bottom left and bottom right respectively) is shared. 

Object ID seems to work fine. But for complex scenes it would be really useful to be able to utilise a cryptomatte pass.

Hopefully this made sense!
Any update on implementing cryptomatte within tyflow ?
It has become a very popular compositing feature
Exporting as Vrayproxy or Abc is definitely not an option in many cases (13 Go cache file !)
Hope you'll find the time to look into it soon

thank you
Right now we can use MultiMattes for some stuff but it would really be helpful if this feature got implemented.

I can't get Multimatte to work correctly with Tyflow either.
If you set a Shape operator to use a random Mat ID between 1-3 for example, and choose IsMatID in the Multimatte render element, it renders black.

I have a feeling that Cryptomatte and Multimatte use the same coding which Tyson mentioned he hasn't looked into yet.

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