tyFlow v0.16042 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16042 is out!



* added render index override for tySwitchers
* DeleteParticle function added to script operator
* Export Particles operator supports typed-in relative paths


* Shape operator now compatible with tySwitcher, tyCollection (although it can only use the first member of a tyCollection array)
* fixed a regression affecting VRay instance voxel bbox size calculations, which could result in a VRay render error
* fixed an issue where unescaped special characters in the vrmesh exporter output path would prevent the export from completing properly.
* improved Bind Solver sim stability when a large disparity exists between various particle radii
Hey Tyson,

I would like to load long list of objects in a specific order;
the TYcollection is made for that? if I understood, but it does not work in the shape operator?
(it is not possible to put it in the shape operator, or I didn't understand how to use it.)

Thank you in advance .
and thank you for your great tool.

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