tyFlow v0.16043 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16043 is out!



* added "Set Target" operator for particle target assignments
* added "Link to Target" operator for linking particles to their targets
* added "Displace" operator for displacing particle shape meshes with a texmap
* "Display Particle Counts" option in editor right-click menu allows you to see particle counts for each event
* tyCache object input path can be manually-entered relative path
* added tyLibMtl Material for directly referencing a material from a .mat file [experimental]
* Resample operator can now resample by target
* Custom Properties operator now has the ability to get from target, set to target, etc, for saving/loading data to/from target particles.
* Custom Properties operator now has filters rollout
* "Valid Target Count" test added to filters rollout and Property Test operator
* added "Display in viewport" option to tyMesher, for disabling viewport mesh generation
* Property Test can use custom float as the test value
* event age/particle age properties added to Property Test
* added resampling settings to tyMesher for filling in surfaces with sparse vertices
* tyMesher generation can be interrupted/cancelled by holding ESC
* group and spin channel inheritence added to Flow Update operator
* Birth Flow/Flow Update can now cull imported particles by export groups
* Speed operator now accepts any object as input, for 'Center Out' and 'Axis out' modes
* Actor Animation operator now has filters rollout
* Resample operator can now resample all affected particle's binds (if 'particle binds' checkbox is enabled), not just those joining family/target pairs
* Particle Bind and PhysX Bind operators support binding by target
* PhysX Bind sibling/parent mode will now attempt to find more accurate closest points between input meshes to anchor bind endpoints from, rather than simply the particle centers
* Find Target operator has new setting to find particle's target
* Property Test now has "distance to target" test
* Property Test has ability to test properties of target particle
* tyMesher can now smoothly interpolate UVWs when inherit UVWs is enabled
* added raycast offset spinners to tyConfrom modifier, for offseting raycast origin points
* Boundary operator behavior can now be inverted (delete/send if inside)
* Send Out operator now has timing/filter rollouts
* Property Test now has filter rollout
* Subdivide operator now has timing/filter rollouts
* added ability to change birth event evaluation priority
* added weld tolerance setting in tySpline objects, which also allows you to close open spline loops
* all Surface Force modes now have divergence setting
* Material ID operator settings consolodated into more organized rollouts
* Material ID operator now has 20 frequency slots
* Material ID operator has ability to bake ID overrides into particle meshes
* added "Target Align" option in Rotation operator


* fixed a regression where Shape operator was not processing multiple shapes in the list
* fixed a bug where Split operator "per frame" mode was ignoring operator timing settings
* fixed a bug where tyCache particle interface was returning velocities in units that were too large
* fixed an issue where tyCache particle interface would crash if tyCache had no particles loaded
* fixed a bug where the Subdivide operator was not optimized properly when "relative" mode disabled and particle scales were not uniform
* fixed a freeze when retrieving particle meshes from the particle interface
* fixed an issue where tyMesher was unnecessarily re-evaluating in certain situations
* fixed a crash that could occur in Birth Flow/Mesher/Flow Update when reading data from a particle source that doesn't return proper data values
* fixed a crash that could occur in the Birth Voxels operator, if input meshes had multiple elements and min dist to surface value was greater than zero
* fixed a bug where Display Data operator was not properly displaying names of material overrides
* surface area tests throughout tyFlow now consider particle scale during calculations
* fixed an issue that could cause VRay to crash when rendering empty meshes in tySplineMesher
* fixed a bug that could cause crashes in some rare situations when using built-in Shape meshes due to improper topology update interval being defined for all default meshes
* fixed a bug where the tyCache particle interface was not respecting the assigned coordinate mode of the tyCache when returning TMs
* fixed a crash that could occur if an input spline object has a segment with no knots
* fixed a bug where tyCache group filters were having opposite effect (ex, filter sim group 1 and all groups except 1 would be displayed, when only group 1 should be displayed).
* optimized generation of tyCarve slice meshes
* fixed a bug that could cause tyCarve to freeze during long slice operations that involve self-intersecting slice meshes
* fixed a bug where the Flow Update operator with an input tyCache or IParticleObjectExt interface would not update correctly if the particle count changed over time
* fixed a bug where the Flow Update operator was not properly flagging velocities from tyCaches/IParticleObjecExt interfaces as integrated
* fixed a crash that could occur when importing FBX data into a scene with existing tyFlow nodes
* Surface Force "diverge" mode removed, as its functionality was neither clear nor particularly useful
* fixed some bugs preventing the Particle Physics operator from working properly in non-integrated mode when particles enter the event at different intervals
Does anyone else have a problem where they can't open the UI?

Tried loading the displace scene, and there's nothing in the modify panel.

Same when creating a new one.

Max 2019.
Ran into this myself about 10 minutes ago, and I know what the cause is. Quick fix is being pushed out and should be up in about 30 minutes.
UI bug should be fixed now Smile
(08-11-2019, 08:43 AM)tyFlow Wrote: UI bug should be fixed now Smile


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