Is it possible to pause tyFlow?

Just a general question. Is it possible to pause tyFlow?

The case I imagine is the following:
My flow acts from frame 0 till 50 but my shot has a range till frame 300. Can I say that tyFlow should just do calculations until frame 50 and then freeze the state? - So that its just displayed for the next frames but without any calculations?

And next question is: Is it possible to resume the flow form a specified frame? F.E. My flow acts form 0 to 50, then I want to keep this state for the next 100 frames and then resume it at frame 150? So between 50 and 150 no calculations will be made. Just like a pause.

Not possible to pause/resume a sim. Closest thing would be using the retimer to pause the playback and then resume it.
Okay. Thank you! Maybe its something for the wishlist / feature request then.
It's a pretty esoteric request so I don't really see much use for it outside of really specific/niche situations....thus not something I would add as a feature.

One thing you can do as an alternative: Create a 2nd flow, import the first using Birth Flow/Flow Update operators, and use the offset spinners to allow the first flow to be imported at a later frame. So first flow could run frame 0-50, and 2nd flow could import the first and continue from frame 1000 and onward, for example. This wouldn't work for complex setups involving bindings, actors, cloth, etc...but for basic shapes and velocities and such it should work fine.
In my opinion tyFlow is very mighty and offers a wide range of solutions for many usecases, even such where it maybe not was intentionally made for. There is so much potential! From my point of view it would be a pity if it were not used or accessible.

My thought was something like that you can build a whole procedural, dynamic world or scene based on tyFlow particle arrangements. You setup some nodes / operators /events for building it dynamically and after that it should stay for a while in that specific state without the need of continious calulations and at some later point you let the flow going further to modify that scene/world by doing some (tyFlow)-magic.
To keep it flexible and dynamic it would be nice if it would work directly with one live flow, without managing a bunch of caches, copy flows or doing workarrounds.
It just needs an option for setting up calculation ranges, so that it doesn't calculate all over the time and affect the performance.

Like a car. When you want to drive, you let the engine run. When you park it somewhere, you turn it off for the parking duration. After you come back and want to drive further you start the eninge again. So you save fuel, spare the wear parts and keep up the viewport / workstation performance.

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