Cloth animation

About the problem of cloth.
I want to make a dress flying in the air, the clothes have their own animation and they also need to retain the cloth characteristics.
The arm of the garment is fanned like a bird's wings and maintains the dynamic effect of some of the fabric.

The problem now is that there is no transition between the part of the animation and the part of the cloth. It creates a very blunt transition. I hope that the cloth can have a parameter that controls the percentage of the cloth's properties. This cloth and the animation itself are perfectly transitioned.
The transition between green particles (cloth) and red particles (object animation) is very stiff.

I hope that the cloth can inherit the animation and have the dynamic effect of the cloth.

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There's no way to do that currently, or even a workaround that I can think of. Perhaps I will think of a way in the future.
I hope I understand question.

Check out the attachment.
I used gradient map 1 to trigger the cloth sim on desired position, and used gradient 2 to (volume)select part that I wanted to smooth (relax).
Tyflow is skinwraped to reference mesh, so it retain target animation (but also, only parts that I wanted, and again, I used volume select for that.

Sorry for the bad quality video, but I m doing this on a very old lap.

Hope this helps.

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First of all, thank you for your answer. You are not mistaken.
But what I need is the "Soft selection" effect. That is to say, the cloth to the animated fabric has a "transitional area". I also read your file, and there is no "transition area" between the cloth and the animated fabric.
You use the modifier "relax" to achieve this effect. This is not a true "transition zone".
Cloth inheritance animation can use "obj bind"
What about morpher modifier? 

Can you try like setup 3 meshes: 
1) 100% original anim
2) 100% cloth anim 
3) Mesh that is partially rigged (skinwrapped) to first and second, using volume select  to determine the transitions zones, and above that (perhaps) morpher modifier, or skinwrap. 

Since the tyflow cloth is  either 100% true or 100% false (just 2 values, "on or off"), I don't see other method then making a third mesh that will try to follow the tyflow cloth based on texture gradient.

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