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tyFlow v0.16104 (BETA) - tyFlow - 01-22-2021

tyFlow v0.16104 is out!



* added $tySwitcherIndex as path symbol to Export Particles operator, for including switcher index override in filename
* added MXS functions for submitting PRT/tyCache jobs to deadline from Export Particles operator
* added GetParentID function to Script operator
* added "Direction to Target" vector option in Custom Properties operator and "Distance to Target" float option in Custom Properties operator
* added timing/filter rollouts to Shape Remove operator
* added "On Shape Vertices" mode to Spawn operator
* added line offset option to Display Data operator


* fixed an issue where a tyActor referencing deleted/missing particles in a cache or flow could cause a crash.
* vastly improved performance of tyConform modifier on input splines with a huge number of segments/knots
* fixed an issue where putting a tyParticleSkin on a mesh with underlying deformations would give an improper result
* improved performance of Modify Bindings operator on large collections of binds
* fixed an issue where the Display Data operator was not displaying correct radius values
* fixed a bug that could cause Max to crash if a particle hits a PhysX Mesh collider when CUDA is enabled
* improved PhysX performance (up to 2x in some cases) when not using an operator reliant on contact reporting (contact reporting ops are: PhysX Collision with valid output connection, Spawn set to PhysX Contact mode, and Voronoi Fracture set to PhysX Contact mode)