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tyFlow chains - MeHoo - 04-07-2019

Just a test of my chain file.  Sorry for the crappy render, I'm just on my laptop without much render power.



Justin Mijal

RE: tyFlow chains - clasyc - 04-07-2019

very nice!

RE: tyFlow chains - Hichamnebo - 04-07-2019

scene file please ? Smile

RE: tyFlow chains - MeHoo - 04-07-2019

I'll clean it up tonight and post the guts of it. The way I'm doing it can be improved, but it works.

RE: tyFlow chains - MeHoo - 04-07-2019

Here you go.  Detail geo is wrapped to the sim geo. Max2018

RE: tyFlow chains - d4rk3lf - 04-08-2019

Looks great man. Smile
Looking forward to see more of your tests. Smile