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TySelect - Curvature with Noise - torsudmeyer@gmail.com - 03-17-2021

As in the title: the ability to modify TySelect in Curvature Mode with Noise, as there is in Gizmo Mode.  This would be, for example, helpful in making deformed edges.

RE: TySelect - Curvature with Noise - tyFlow - 03-17-2021

The noise in the Gizmo mode adds implicit displacement to vertex positions. But the curvature mode doesn't measure from vertex positions...it's generates curvature info from vertex/edge/face adjacency info...so there's no way to add noise like that because position data isn't considered.

That said, you can always just layer some noise on top as a separate selection type, that subtracts from your initial curvature selection. Ex: a noise texmap selection.