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tyFlow v0.16115 (BETA) - tyFlow - 04-15-2021

tyFlow v0.16115 is out!



* added Timing rollout to Script operator (see docs for more info since it works differently than other operators)
* added stuck IZ limit option to Particle Bind Solver settings (see docs for more info)


* fixed an issue that could cause the CCCS to crash with error 13 on newer GPUs during matrix-vector multiplication
* further improved CCCS memory handling - CCCS now uses rolling memory buffer so that VRAM won't overflow even when huge number of collisions are processed (this makes VRAM usage for extremely highres cloth meshes much more efficient). "Minimal/Tiny" VRAM usage modes also removed since they're no longer necessary
* further improved CCCS performance - IZs are now periodically optimized each IZ iteration, resulting in faster IZ processing overall. First IZ iteration now treated as hybrid impulse iteration due to non-overlapping impact results. Combined, these improvements result in solver speedups on very dense meshes
* fixed a regression that could cause tyActors using tyParticleSkins to crash
* fixed an issue where Max 2022 tyModifiers would all display their names as "Object"
* fixed an issue where bind to parent and siblings wouldn't work simultaneously in the same PhysX Bind operator
* fixed an issue where velocity inheritance was not working correctly in Object Bind sticky mode
* fixed an issue where copying an operator (non-instanced) would instance any internal spinner controllers
* fixed an issue where Birth Voxels "nth" mode would emit on subframes
* fixed an issue where Script operator "GetAge" function was returning particle age in ticks, rather than frames. Also added "GetAgeTicks" function to return age in ticks
* fixed an issue where multiple Spline Paths operators in the same flow could not select the same tySplines object