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tyFlow v0.16117 (BETA) - tyFlow - 05-02-2021

tyFlow v0.16117 is out!



* added Bounds Fracture operator, for slicing particles along their longest local bounding box axis (ideal for chopping up long, thin particles)
* added ability in Export Particles operator to manually reseed operators with a particular value, also added tySeedIndex symbol to Export Particles path parser, so you can automatically export to a folder/filename containing the reseed value
* also added tyFlowName symbol to Export Particles path parser


* [tangential]: docs.tyflow.com and forum.tyflow.com both switched to https
* fixed an issue where tyCarve smoothing groups would be all messed up
* fixed an issue where PhysX bind deformations would be disabled if PhysX bind breaking was disabled
* fixed a PhysX issue related to how convex hulls were cooked (in rare cases a crash could occur because PhysX was not allocating the proper amount of RAM for hull vertices)
* fixed an issue where divide operation in VDB Modify operator could crash during divide-by-zero
* fixed an issue where the Display operator single channel mapping display mode was displaying with flipped UVW.y coordinates