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tyFlow v0.16119 (BETA) - tyFlow - 05-16-2021

tyFlow v0.16119 is up!



* added volume culling options to tyCache object
* added filter rollout to Spline Paths operator


* fixed a regression causing various raycast-dependent functions to perform much slower (point inside surface tests, for example). Various operators are much faster now, when working with many particles (for example, Birth Voxels is now 25x faster in tests generating 2 million particles inside a volume)
* fixed an issue where the real-world gravity value in the Forces operator (and global PhysX settings) was 2x as strong as it should be
* fixed an issue where the target bindings mode of the PhysX Bind operator could crash once too many particles enter the event
* fixed an issue where the tyPush modifier could give a strange result depending on the object's smoothing group configuration
* improved efficiency of custom property data structures (clearing a 5 million particle flow containing custom per-particle properties is now 20x+ faster)
* fixed an issue where tyLooper MXS access was bugged
* fixed an issue where the Weld operator could trigger a crash if particle pivots were centered afterwards
* fixed an issue where Birth Flow/Flow Update were not reading instance materials from tyCaches
* fixed a memory leak where VDB meshes weren't being properly cleared when a simulation was reset
* fixed an issue where tyPreview was generating a MAXScript Listener error when in two-lights mode
* fixed an issue where subframe interpolation of per-frame actors/cloths in a tyCache was not working correctly, resulting in moblur artifacts, flickering particles, etc. (affected caches must be re-exported)