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Tyflow cuda problem - Arnaud - 05-17-2021

when i try to do cloth simulation with tyflow , there is this message :
" Currently, it appears that your system is not compatible with the solver. Unknown error  code: 98 " .
my pc config : nvidia geforce gtx 950m , intel core i5, 8go ram.
I correctly installed tyflow with cuda dlls and my gpu drivers are updated, i also installed cuda 11 toolkit.
So i don't understant why it doesn't work.
Thanks for your futur answers

RE: Tyflow cuda problem - tyFlow - 05-17-2021

CUDA error 98 is invalid device function. I haven't looked up the specs, but I think your GPU may be too old to support the necessary features.

RE: Tyflow cuda problem - ven_stoich - 06-05-2021

I have same error with Quadro K2200, if this card is too old what is the oldest GPU that supports cuda for tyflow cloth?
GT 1030 may be?

RE: Tyflow cuda problem - tyFlow - 06-05-2021

The CCCS requires CUDA 11.2. That said....some old devices which supposedly support 11.2 (according to NVidia specs) still generate incompatibility errors for some reason. I'm not sure why this is...and I don't have any old devices like that in order to test...but in general you should be fine with any NVidia GPU that is 5 years old or less. Older than 5 years and it starts to get iffy...The K2200 for example, is 7 years old now...even if it was compatible, the CCCS would run very slowly on it.