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tyFlow v0.16122 (BETA) - tyFlow - 06-14-2021

tyFlow v0.16122 is up!



* added per-frame variation parameter to Birth operator
* added noise parameters to tySelect normals mode
* added option in tyCache object to disable cache file enumeration (see docs for more info)


* fixed an issue where tyFaceExtrude modifier could corrupt meshes with near-zero-area faces
* fixed an issue where the Smooth operator would have no effect if auto smooth was disabled
* fixed an issue where the "affect velocity" setting of the Link to Target operator wasn't working correctly when time steps were less than 1 frame
* fixed an issue where Rotation operator would reset the sim if a dependent object was modified, even while in rotation modes that don't require dependent objects
* fixed an issue where animating certain tyMesher parameters would not result in the tyMesher updating over time
* fixed an issue where simulations set to manual reset mode would sometimes erroneously auto-reset
* fixed an issue where certain operators could cause subframe transforms to generate incorrect
* fixed an issue where clicking a multi-column operator would cause the editor grid to lose focus, resulting in keyboard input no longer triggering editor functions until the grid is clicked again
* fixed various issues related to skinned actor mesh display and Camera Cull operators
* improved save/load time across slow networks for files containing tyCache objects
* fixed an issue where Bounds Fracture mesh center calculations were incorrect, causing incorrect slicing on meshes whose pivot isn't centered
* fixed an issue where Timing/Filter tests in the Property Test operator were also being done on target particles (erroneously), when properties themselves were tested from target particles