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tyFlow 1.00000 - tyFlow - 01-29-2022

The tyFlow BETA has come to a close. This marks the first official post-BETA tyFlow FREE/PRO build

tyFlow v1.00000



* added Select operator, for selecting particles in the viewport with a mouse, for further processing
* added tyFlex modifier, an alternative to 3ds Max's Flex modifier, with caching and multithreading
* added instance material overrides options to tyCache object


* improved speed of tyCache viewport instancing in some situations
* improved tyCache memory usage across multiple tyCache objects referencing the same cache sequence (particle meshes are now instanced across tyCache objects)
* optimized the way in which tyCache objects reload mesh files
* fixed tyCache mesh override frequency so that it won't override all cached meshes if combined frequency values are less than 100
* fixed a regression where particle mapping data wasn't passing through to generated splines correctly
* fixed a bug that could cause Alembic mesh exporter to crash