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Human figure disintegration + tutorial - CG BBQ - 03-03-2022

Hey guys!

Tom here from CG BBQ YT channel, I;m new here. 

I want to share a human figure disintegration effect I was able to achieve and a tutorial. (I hope it's allowed)

By the way, I can't see any place specifically for tutorials here on forums. It would be cool if there was some place like that, TyFlow is quite a complicated plugin so it would be good to have access to a section on forums with such resources,


RE: Human figure disintegration + tutorial - philet - 03-07-2022

I think that is a great idea. I had asked about something similar before. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Facebook group is a great resource, but I would rather not be on there until there is an option not to use a cell phone number. Anyways, I am going to check out your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.