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Property Test, Velocity magnitude value - alessandro.d84 - 09-09-2022

I'm trying to use a Property Test operator to send out particles that have low velocity magnitude and than stop\deactivate Them.

I really do not understand how to guess the right value\make it works. 
I'm also trying to use Display data to have an idea of the current particle velocity but i probably miss something on how it works or how to read it. 
It seems not to be the correct value to display.

In this example i set the test to be true if the velocity magnitude is less than 0.18 but some particles never send out. 
The time step is set to 1/4 frame and gravity to -0.75  

I'm obviously missing something. 
What is the correct workflow or what am I doing wrong?


RE: Property Test, Velocity magnitude value - tyFlow - 09-09-2022

Your gravity is ahead of your Property Test, so here's probably what's happening:

1) Gravity adds x amount of downward velocity to particles
2) With that much downward velocity, no/few particles qualify for the Property Test condition
3) Particles then hit the collider and stop
4) The Display Data operator then correctly relates that at the end of the time step, the particles have little/no velocity.

So it's a setup issue...just put your Property Test first in the event.

RE: Property Test, Velocity magnitude value - alessandro.d84 - 09-09-2022

Now it works perfectly.

I foolishly assumed that it was necessary to have strength first and then perform the test.

I was basically adding 0.1875 (0.75 * 1/4) every step just before doing the test?
Now I think everything is clearer. I must have skipped something in the documentation.

as always, thanks for the immediate reply.