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tyFlow v1.022 - tyFlow - 06-30-2023

tyFlow v1.022 is up!



* added hardening options to PhysX Bind operator (bind deformation)
* added "suppress popups" option to Export Particles general settings
* added stepped key tangent mode to Export Particles object export keyframe parameters
* the Terrain Transform operator can now take an object's transform as input, allowing you to transform a grid with an object (similar to Birth Terrain)
* holding ESC during license activation will cancel the request
* if you input a tyCollection into various birth operators (ex: Birth Objects), tyProperties modifiers applied to those collections will be inherited by the objects inside them


* fixed a regression that prevented the tyParticleSkin modifier from loading tyCaches as input particles
* custom float values are now saved to tyFlow playback cache by default
* improved spawn operator shape position random distribution uniformity
* fixed an issue where the spawn operator's surface alignment option wouldn't work correctly for scaled particles
* fixed a bug preventing multiplication operations between Quat values from working in the Script operator
* improved algorithm which searches for CUDA DLLs during initialization - lowers chance of mis-matched DLL version loaded when conflicting CUDA DLL installed by other software
* fixed an issue where Script operator meshes were using 0-based indices for material IDs
* fixed an issue where refreshing a simulation with the global mesh cache enabled could cause PhysX Collision operators to import the wrong geometry for animated colliders
* kinematic particles can now be bound together with PhysX binds (kinematic-to-kinematic binds)
* fixed an issue where tyProperties floating-point mass values were being converted to integers internally
* fixed an issue where VRay CPU override materials would still be applied to tyFlows/tyCaches even if those flows/caches were in the override material exclusion list
* Birth VDB operator is now compatible with history-independent simulation mode
* improved the accuracy of the tyParticleSkin element matching search function when "consider particle meshes" is enabled