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tyFlow v1.023 - tyFlow - 07-14-2023

tyFlow v1.023 is up!



* added "event entry index" to "order index" parameters of Position Object operator


* fixed an issue where changing the state of the "use vertex selection" checkbox in the tyConform modifier wasn't affecting the conform result
* tyCache material libraries (exported from Max 2024 or newer) will now be saved backwards compatible, which should prevent errors when loading a cache (containing instanced materials) exported from Max 2024 or newer into an older version of Max
* fixed an issue where operator frame skipping options were not working when relative mode set to particle or event age
* fixed an issue where the Birth Object operator cache wouldn't reset if an input object was changed while flow reset mode was set to manual
* fixed an issue where operator timing "hold after every nth" option was not working when operator frame-skipping mode set to deactivate
* fixed an issue where setting the tyPreviewWindow function arguments was not affecting the tyPreview UI
* fixed an issue where the tyVector texmap was not working for mapping channels other than 1
* fixed an issue where "relative add" mode of the Scale operator was not functioning properly (it was doing the same thing "relative multiply" does)
* fixed an issue where symbolic characters couldn't be displayed in the Notes operator
* fixed a regression where the "delete parent" option of the Spawn operator wasn't working
* fixed an issue where tyMeshers set to manually update wouldn't update when file first loaded