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tyFlow v1.027 - tyFlow - 09-06-2023

tyFlow v1.027 is up!



* added "preserve normals" option to tyActors
* added "not overlapping" particle group option throughout tyFlow, wherever it was missing
* added more PhysX center of mass options to the Mass operator
* added "planar per-axis input" option to various noise rollouts (when disabled, noise is calculated in a way that prevents per-axis banding artifacts - this option is on by default to maintain consistency with results produced by previous builds)


* fixed a regression that could cause network renders to crash on machines with a valid tyFlow cfg or license file present
* fixed an issue where meshes with no smoothing groups were not receiving correct explicit normals
* fixed an issue where rotated particles were not having their normals updated accordingly (resulting in black faces appearing)
* fixed an issue where cloth geometry with explicit normals assigned wasn't updating the normals properly after undergoing deformations
* fixed an issue where the Select operator would cull particle display even in "send" mode
* fixed an issue where the Edge Fracture operator could cause the PhysX Shape operator to crash, when in "compound" hull mode