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tyFlow v1.029 - tyFlow - 10-12-2023

tyFlow v1.029 is up!



* added concavity test to PhysX Shape operator (compound mode), so that you can apply compound mode to any particles but only those with a certain level of concavity will be voxelized (the rest will receive a convex hull)
* added "split elements" option to PhysX Shape operator (compound mode), which can be used in combination with the new concavity test, so that only concave elements are voxelized (remaining elements will receive a convex hull)
* added "invert" option to tyCache cull by ID mode
* the Script operator's GetTurbulence function now takes lacunarity/octave arguments
* added "particle surface" mode to Move Pivots proximity test, for most accurate (but slower) proximity calculations


* fixed an issue where numerical keys would not work in Qt spinners, in 3ds Max 2018
* fixed an issue where adding a group to a Shape operator with the "add selected" button would also individually add all of the group members to the list
* fixed an issue where the exponent value of the tyPush element push mode was giving incorrect results when not in gizmo mode
* fixed an issue where the ability to drag a connection into the header of an event (introduced in the previous build) was inconsistent when the grid was panned/zoomed
* fixed an issue with the "Rocky Trails" Terrain Color preset
* fixed a regression that could cause the Tets operator to crash
* PhysX inertia multiplier default has been changed to 1.0 (previously 10.0) - this gives particles a less heavy, dampened feel
* fixed an issue where the shrinkwrap mode of the Move to Target operator wasn't working
* fixed a rare PhysX bug that could cause Max to crash when moving PhysX colliders in a sim that are overlapping particle rigidbodies
* fixed an issue where the "enable all/disable all" right-click options for instances in the editor would apply to unselected instances as well
* fixed some issues relating to how PhysX handles ignored/sticky starting penetrations when using compound hulls and moving particles between events