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tyFlow v0.16029 (BETA) - tyFlow - 06-09-2019

Version 0.16029 is out!



* Fluid Force now supports accurate loading of data from retimed PhoenixFD sims
* added a tyExtrude modifier which is a modification of the built-in extrude modifier, except tyExtrude respects spline matIDs on extrusion caps
* Actor operator now has the option to inherit material from actor nodes for VRay render instances
* Display Data operator has the option to display assigned instance material name
* added aerodynamic cloth forces to Modify Bindings operator (lift/drag)


* fixed an issue where 'weld bindings' in the tySplines modifier was welding incorrectly
* fixed an issue preventing PhysX particles from being converted into cloth
* fixed a bug where deactivated cloth particles could still be affected by inflation forces

RE: tyFlow v0.16029 (BETA) - cgdvs - 06-09-2019

The Galaxy sent a congratulatory message.