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    Thread: TyCache export to..
Post: RE: TyCache export to..

Mmm interesting ! So if 3Dsmax consider the Ty cache as single mesh (with the edit poly modifier on) like that, can we export with a datasmith? I'll try, but in my animation there is particles gener...
raistlin Feature Requests 2 150 12-01-2023, 06:49 PM
    Thread: TyCache export to..
Post: TyCache export to..

Hello. As it could be interesting, can we imagine a way to export a TyCache to another format, without the need to recompute from the original tyFlow ? As it, we can see it work in TyCache, and it's...
raistlin Feature Requests 2 150 11-01-2023, 06:29 PM
    Thread: Can Tyflow particles be imported into UE4?
Post: RE: Can Tyflow particles be imported into UE4?

cramredan Wrote: (09-08-2023, 03:11 PM) -- Just a smart update. Everything has been sorted-out. Managed to export a PointCloud from TyFlow to UE5 in a quick,smooth and repeatable workflow which invol...
raistlin General Discussion 13 4,987 10-28-2023, 08:37 PM
    Thread: Scale in time
Post: Scale in time

Hello, sorry for that incredible simply question.. But can you explain me how scale in time (without manual keyframe) we can modify object in the flow ? From 100% to 0% after a test (time, collisi...
raistlin Gallery 0 322 10-25-2023, 09:44 PM
    Thread: Vray2Sided render problem
Post: Vray2Sided render problem

Hi! Is there a problem with Vray2Sided? I've take the Confetti explosion tutorial and remade it. I'd like to render with a Vray2Sided material and for a reason i don't Know... It doesn't done it....
raistlin Bugs and Issues 0 1,185 01-30-2020, 02:42 PM