tyFlow v0.16121 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16121 is up!



* Property Test actor animation test now works on both rig particles and root particles, so any particle from an actor rig can check where it's playback animation is in terms of frames/percent
* added "closest face on shape" mode to Rotation operator
* added "affect particle shape scale" option to Scale operator, for changing particle scale independently of particle shape mesh


* tyFlow can now utilize more than 64 logical processors
* improved Alembic point cloud export (all properties are now saved on a per-particle basis, rather than a per-object basis)
* fixed an issue where the Move Pivots operator was not working correctly if a Move Pivots operator had previously been applied to the same particle(s)
* fixed an issue where the Edge Fracture operator was not properly assigning particle parent data to fractured particles
* fixed an issue in the 3ds Max 2016 version of tyFlow, where sometimes the editor window would not draw correctly (operators appear as though they're stretched to infinity and editor window is unusable)
* fixed an issue where Surface Test first-vertex-distance mode would accidentally test true for particles within the distance threshold to [0,0,0]
* fixed an issue where Spin operator travel direction mode wouldn't work if particles were moving straight up
* fixed a validity interval issue that could cause Redshift renderer to freeze after completing a frame, when a disabled flow with its retimer enabled is present in the scene
* changed the behavior of the Edge Fracture operator, so that the "center pivots" option only affects new edge/corner fracture meshes, not the base mesh. This preserves the integrity of existing PhysX bindings
* fixed an issue where tyActor mesh deformation velocities were being calculated incorrected, resulting in motion blur issues
* fixed an issue where the Voronoi operator was not properly setting chunk siblings/parent values
* fixed an issue where tyActor skinned mesh camera culling and cloth camera culling would not activate after adding a Camera Cull operator to the flow until the sim had been reset
* fixed an issue where mesh velocities wouldn't be imported properly, leading to invalid Surface Force results, in some situations
* fixed an issue where tyActors importing meshes skinned to CS bipeds could have messed up deformations

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