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I was wondering if there is a way to download the latest documentation.  For multiple reasons, I totally understand if this is currently not possible.  However, if it is or anyone has any workarounds to do this quickly, I would definitely appreciate any suggestions. My plan is to convert pages to markdown and be able to link and comment to and from them and the example files within a wiki to help me plan out possible ways to accomplish various effects for a large project I am planning. 

Thanks very much. tyFlow was a gift from God
The official documentation is online-only so that I can quickly and easily update it (which happens constantly as new features are added). A while ago a dedicated member converted the entire thing to a PDF, along with various screenshots and such. You can find it here:


Although keep in mind, many pages within that PDF are not entirely up to date since many things have changed since last October....however, most of it is accurate.

Beyond that, there is no offline version. Perhaps you could experiment with various webcrawlers that allow you to scan and download entire websites. The online documentation is composed entirely of static pages, so it shouldn't take long or be difficult to download it as offline html.
Very helpful and quick response.  Thank you for everything. If I happen to put a more updated version together, I will definitely post that as well.

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