tyFlow v0.16131 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16131 is up!



* added sim groups options to Particle Bind operator CCCS settings
* added vdb resampler options to Birth VDB file mode
* added event particle count offset to Set Target operator (see docs for more info)
* added option in Particle Break operator to not treat cloth bind breaks as tears
* added “allow bind compression” setting to Particle Bind operator (see docs for more info)
* added individual neighbor force enable/disable checkboxes to Flock operator
* added “only-child” option to Property Test sibling index mode
* added option to inherit spline material ID to Birth Spline operator
* added sibling index value access to Custom Properties operator


* actually fixed non-uniform object slicing with the tySlice modifier (previous build said it was fixed, but it still wasn’t working correctly)
* fixed an issue where tyPush modifier axis spinners would not accept negative values
* tySlice modifier gizmo now only drawn when necessary (not in object or recursive mode)
* fixed an issue where various node-dependent tyFlow modifiers wouldn’t update properly if copied or instanced across multiple objects
* fixed an issue where spline conform element matching wasn’t working in the tyConform modifier
* disabled delay loading in Birth VDB operator (vdbs will now be read directly instead of being copied locally first, because a bug in the OpenVDB library isn’t cleaning up the temp files - this issue will be revisited at a later date, for now delay loading is simply disabled)
* optimized tySelect to cache input mesh between parameter changes
* optimized tySelect raycast mode
* fixed a regression where the Extract Splines tool of the tySpline object stopped working
* fixed an issue where assigning a different material to an Instance Material operator would not reset a flow
* suppressed a missing channels error in the Export Particles operator, when particle export is disabled
* fixed a memory leak which was preventing certain tyFlow-mesh internal data structures from ever being cleaned up properly
* fixed a rare crash that could occur during editable poly input mesh processing
* fixed an issue where the Rotation operator wouldn’t work if both mode and forward vector were set to “surface” (because a different surface might be needed for each of those settings, but only one object list would appear in the operator). The solution adds a new “forward vector objects” rollout to the operator when using those modes. Any existing scenes that use “surface” as the forward vector will need to be modified by adding the desired surface to the new “forward vector objects” listbox
* fixed a regression where the Resample operator in sibling resample mode was setting the new particles’ parent to the original sibling particles, instead of setting the parent to the parent of the original sibling particles in order to retain their sibling relationship
* fixed an issue where relative paths with no directories would prevent tyCaches from loading
* fixed an issue where particle group options were only affecting alignment flocking in the Flock operator
* fixed an issue where particles imported through a tyActor were not transferring over their material ID overrides

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