tyFlow v1.008
tyFlow v1.008 is up!



* added Zhu-Bridson blobmesh mode to tyMesher and Particles to VDB operator
* updated OpenVDB library to version 9
* improved speed and dynamics of Birth Fluid and Fluid Force operators
* added built-in gravity and buoyancy forces to Fluid Force operator for spray/foam/bubbles
* added neighbor threshold options to Birth Fluid spray/foam/bubbles rollout
* added filters rollout to Position Object operator
* added Display Data operator option to show custom vector as a line in the viewport
* added options to filter PhoenixFD grid particles by type in the tyMesher blobmesh settings
* added dynamic fusion options to Fuse operator
* improved stability of Particle Physics' "attract" parameter


* fixed a regression where the Fluid Force operator wasn't properly loading or updating PhoenixFD grid particles
* fixed an issue with the Object Bind UI where the position bind velocity radiobuttons weren't working properly
Quick question regarding Tyflow Pro - I've been getting a lot of holes in the fractured mesh, especially visible after relaxing. TyWeld not always gets them entirely. I've been wondering if it's something that's been improved in the PRO version? Thanks in advance.
There's no difference between free/pro when it comes to the fracturing algorithm (except that pro will be faster).

Are you using in conjunction with the Subdivide operator, by chance? There's a known issue where the subdivide operator will create some seams in an unweldable fashion.
I used remeshed text as input geo for fracturing - classic combo of subdivide+remesh, but the geo was collapsed to edit poly and inspected for any holes etc (nice quad flow and no issues there).
I'm using fairly high number - 5000 and visually about 10% has holes in them. TyWeld fixes about 90% I'd say. Is this something that occurs on occasion and requires some fiddling with?
If you send the file to support@tyflow.com I can have a look at what's going on.

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