Tiny Icons?

Just recently switched to a 4k monitor and not sure if it's me or these icons have gotten smaller?

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Hmm, if anything it looks like the regular icons have gotten bigger, since I can see scaling artifacts on them. Have you enabled Windows scaling on your monitor? That shouldn't normally be an issue, but I've run into weird situations before where scaling can do funky stuff in certain multi-monitor configurations depending on which monitors are scaled and which are set to primary...

Can you share a little more about your setup? Are you using multiple monitors? Is scaling enabled on all of them, some of them, or none of them? Are you running Max on your primary monitor?
Hi, I am using a single Dell monitor, u3223qe. Windows scale is set to 150% (recommended). I use a laptop, but the lid stays closed and that display is turned off for it in the Windows display settings.

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