tyFlow v1.021
tyFlow v1.021 is up.



* added tyMeshRepair modifier for detecting and fixing many common/difficult topological issues with meshes
* added element ID matching to tyParticleSkin modifier
* added more property inheritance options to Spawn operator
* layer name textboxes (ex: Export Particles - objects mode) will now accept "$(tyFlowName)" as a stand-in for the name of the source flow node
* added node-relative coordinate option to Birth Voxels operator
* added mesh repeater modes to tySplineMesher (mesh mode)
* added keyframe tangent/curve options to Export Particles objects mode
* added minimum scale limit to Export Particles objects mode
* added mode/units options to Spin operator
* added spin/velocity options to Integrate operator


* fixed an issue where exported cloth could have strange subframe interpolation values if flow exported with certain small timestep values (ex: 1/12)
* fixed an issue where tyParticleSkin would sometimes have to be re-initialized after file load in order for the PhysX tearing solver to work
* improved consistently of friction in Collision operator when collision radius greater than zero and/or when simulating small timesteps
* fixed a crash that could occur related to the global mesh cache
* fixed an issue where the Grow operator was invalidating targets on particles and setting flow validity incorrectly
* fixed some issues relating to MXS license activation functions hanging when both tyFlow and tyFlow RENDER are installed (license activate MXS functions are now removed from tyFlow RENDER - regular tyFlow is unchanged)
* improved the way mesh radii are calculated in tySplineMesher's mesh mode
* fixed an issue that could cause Max to crash when rendering VRay instances with the tyFlow playback cache disabled
* fixed an issue that could cause tySelect in mesh mode to crash
* fixed an issue where the axis lock settings were not visible in the Wobble operator
* "improve anchor accuracy" of PhysX Bind operator renamed to "improve accuracy", proximity algorithm improved, and proximities derived from the more-accurate algorithm must be less than the specified bind distance or else the bind will not be created between the rigidbodies (avoids concave rigidbodies from forming unintentional binds due to convex hull overlap)
* fixed an issue where the meshes cached by the Birth Objects operator wouldn't update properly, when changed, if the global mesh cache was enabled
* fixed a regression where the tyCache object ID cull list would continually clear itself
* fixed an issue that could cause the global mesh cache to interfere with how mesh elements are extracted in certain operators

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