tyFlow v1.026
tyFlow v1.026 is up!



* tyFlow's entire mesh pipeline now has (preliminary) support for explicit normal preservation (all operators and modifiers)
* added "preserve normals" option to tySlice and tyFaceFracture modifiers
* added "preserve normals" option to Birth Objects, Face Fracture, Voronoi Fracture, Bounds Fracture, Edge Fracture, Subdivide and Shape operators
* added "remove explicit normals" option to Smooth operator
* Deadline jobs exporting a tyCache sequence will now attempt to acquire a tyFlow PRO license, even if "auto" license seat acquisition is disabled on them and/or if tyFlow RENDER is installed. Previously, both of those things (having "auto" license seat acquisition disabled and/or having tyFlow RENDER installed) would prevent a Deadline slave from being able to successfully complete a tyCache export job. This new change makes it easier to configure a farm for tyCache export, without having the farm machines unnecessarily acquire tyFlow PRO license seats during regular rendering (ie, when not specifically exporting tyCaches).
* TYFLOW_LICENSE_REQUEST environment variable added (valid values are "auto" or "manual")


* fixed an issue where the Displace operator was not properly calculating noise-based displacement in world space mode
* fixed an issue where a tyConform modifier (with "use vertex selections" enabled) on top of a tySelect modifier would stop working when scene saved for the first time

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