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I'm probably missing something here, but just want to check this isn't a bug? Using v1.028 on Max22.

I'm trying to visualize VDB velocity data taken from the adjacent simple particle flow but not having any luck. Have included the scene zip. 
Thanks for any help with this!
[Image: image.png]

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You've named your Particles to VDB grid 'velocity', but it's not actually a velocity grid...it's still just a density grid...because all that's being extracted from the particles are density values (scalars), not velocity values (vectors).

To import velocity values from particles into a tyFlow VDB setup, you'll want to use a VDB Modify operator.

First, use your Particles to VDB operator to initialize an SDF grid, then add a VDB Modify operator and have it modify the velocity grid (initializing from SDF) and enable "include this flow's particles".

Not being able to initialize a velocity grid from a Particles to VDB operator is a bit counter-intuitive...I'll put that on the todo list.
That's great, thank you!

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