tyFlow v1.103
tyFlow v1.103 is up!



* added noise coordinate-space parameter to fracture planes Multifracture rollout (noise groupbox), for controlling the coordinate space of planar noise
* added new bounds fracture parameters to Multifracture modules for more control over how meshes are fractured along their OOBB axes
* added "object look-at" mode to tySelect raycast mode
* added interpolation rollout to Terrain Snow operator


* fixed a regression where particles were being displayed before start of sim, after first play-through
* fixed a regression specific to Max 2018 that could cause the tyConform modifier to crash
* fixed a regression that prevented moving PhysX Collision colliders in mesh mode from updating properly
* fixed an issue where having a tyCache will a resolvable path (but a path not identical to the resolvable path) in a scene could prevent the Export Particles operator from properly clearing the shared mesh cache for the tyCache after export is completed, resulting in mesh cache desync and improper particle display
* fixed an issue which could cause the Birth Paint operator to crash
* fixed an issue where setting the brush stroke spacing in the Birth Paint operator to a low value would prevent strokes from being drawn properly
* condensed/re-ordered Shape operator rollouts

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