Align a pile on tv screen
Hi I'd like to scatter tvs other a chamfer box surface.
So I use the Rotation/Align to surface.

I dont understand why on the small side of the chamfer box
the tv screens are 45° pivoted?
(I'd like them to be properly aligned to the faces)
You have your forward and up vector set to the same thing (your forward vector is set to closest face normal, which won't work in surface align mode - where the up vector is the nearest normal as well).
Thanks Smile
Orientations are good now.
Could you tell me what is the proper way to stack them properly now?
Without interpenetration.
Separation int sufficient as it's based on the radius.

I guess it's a physX combination but cant figure it out...objects are allways jumping around.
You need to use PhysX, yes. Once you find a frame you're happy with, create a new flow and import the results of your PhysX flow using a Birth Flow operator at the specified reference frame time. Then you'll have stationary particles that are not interpenetrating, that are also not under the influence of PhysX.

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