Continuously Test and Switch Material IDs based on Surface Test
Hi guys, 

I would like to sweep a change of material ID through my array of voxel -generated particles so that I can swish the effect back and forth several times. 

What I have found is that I can move [Box 1] through the particles and it will change their material ID to 2 quite nicely.

I then move [Box 2] through and it will switch them back to 1 again.

It works pretty well for the first two cycles, however however when I try to move [Box 1] through again I expected it to run the test again, however materials will not switch  - here's a screencap of the materials switching very nicely, then refusing to change:

My tyflow setup looks like this :

[Image: 0NHRfIi.jpg]

I have tried a few different methods - at the moment the only thing that might do it is daisy chaining multiple tests for Box 1 and Box 2. I do have the timing for the tests set to "continuous" which I assumed would apply them on a per-frame basis, but I am not sure.

If anyone is generous enough to look at the MAX file, it's here:


Hmmmmmmmmm. Okay if I have this correct - ONLY the particles that pass + for test are affected events further down the daisy chain?
I can't open a max file, because I am still on Max 22 (people should always save to earliest version in this cases).

Anyway.. yes... when particles are moved from the test to another event, they stay in that event, they don't move back. Smile
But that doesn't prevent you to make a loop Smile ... first of all, since you cannot connect it back to the event that have birth operator on it (the first event), you can just use (after birth) send out operator, to send them all into the next event (just for clarity and easy to follow).
Then in that event 2 you make a test to send to event 3, and then in event 3 you can make another test, and just send it back to event 2 (simply connecting).

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