tyFlow v0.16061 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16061 is out!



* added max children parameter to space colonization growth algorithm
* Property Test operator can now test for export groups
* age/eventAge tests added to filters rollout
* tySplines object now receives full particle TMs from source particles, rather than a specific orientation axis specified in the Spline Paths operator...this allows you to change particle-based orientations in the tySplineMesher modifier directly, rather than changing it in the Spline Paths operator and having to recalc the entire sim in order for tySplineMesher to receive the change
* added noise settings to tySelect mesh mode


* normalized the height of certain built-in shapes to a value of 1.0 (cylinder, pyramid, tetra, etc)
* improved speed of PhysX particle initialization
* fixed an issue with the tySpline object where knot age was not being interpreted correctly from source particles
* fixed an issue in the tySpline object where neighbor searches were not being conducted correctly if age filtering was culling certain particles
* Spawn operator scale/spin inheritance values can now be greater than 100%
* fixed an issue causing certain setups to pass along wrong radius values to spline knots through the Spline Paths operator (when in bind mode)
* fixed issues with the filter rollout not working properly in the PhysX Break operator
* fixed an issue with the PhysX Break operator not working in some situations
* fixed an issue with the bind solver, where a freeze could occur when registering binds in certain internal data structures when particle counts are very high
* fixed a bug in the Particle Force operator that could cause a crash while running the debugging profiler
* fixed a memory leak that could occur in tyCaches if 'keep frames in RAM' was off but the particle interface was used as the access method
* fixed a freeze that could occur if the Spin operator in rare situations when relative velocity was enabled
* improved multithreading performance of tyCache export
* fixed a bug where the sim wasn't resetting when the time scale was changed
* fixed a bug where custom floats being used as a test value in an operator's filters rollout were not working
* fixed a bug where particle actors were not being properly recycled in the particle memory pool
* fixed a bug where max could freeze when saving a file containing a hidden tyMesher that has been modified
* fixed a regression causing the Birth Objects operator to always separate group members, even when "group members" was unchecked (also fixed a similar regression in the Shape operator)
* the Particle Physics OpenCL solver should be more forgiving on GPUs with low VRam (was previously more succeptible to allocation failures when particle count is high)
* fixed a bug causing incorrect OpenCL memsize printouts from the debugging rollout

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