tyFlow v0.16081 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16081 is out!



* added PhysX CUDA support
* added Birth Skeleton operator, for extracting the curve skeleton of a mesh
* added Position Hair and Hair Bind operators for interfacing with Ornatrix hairs (NOTE: requires latest Ornatrix nightly build of either v6 or v7)
* added "particles after random N" option to Split operator, which randomizes which N particles won't be culled, as opposed to excluding them by event-entry order
* PhysX Bind relative strength multiplier can now set various particle properties as the target threshold, not just volume


* fixed an issue in the Script operator where GetClosestPointAccurate was not working
* fixed an issue where the TGS PhysX solver was not able to maintain stiff binds
* if auto-update is disabled in a tyMesher, it will no longer auto-update on scene load
* tyPreview no longer relies on dynamic view panel creation during export (this was causing issues in max 2020)...this should hopefully fix several issues people were running into which were causing inconsistencies between preview settings and results
* fixed an issue where viewport background image aspect ratio and animation settings were not being respected during tyPreviews
* fixed various issues relating to exporting tyPreviews from MAXScript (improper framerate, appearance flags ignored, etc)
* increased contrast of randomly-generated Display operator colors
* fixed a crash that could occur in the tySplineMesher modifier in mesh mode
* if an actor skinned mesh rig particle is deleted, now the skinned mesh will also deleted (previously the mesh would not be deleted and the skin would just be broken)
* fixed an issue where bitmap gamma correction was causing values returned by the Script operator's getColorVal function to be clamped, also added function argument to disable gamma correction

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