tyFlow v0.16101 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16101 is up!



* fixed an issue where tyBind local transform calculations didn't factor in pivot point changes to input objects...so resetting object xforms was necessary for tyBind to work correctly, if object pivots had been moved
* fixed an issue where the Spread operator's noise function was not spreading properly in 3 dimensions
* fixed a regression where PhysX Bind operator limits weren't functioning the same way they used to (limits of 0 on binds would make the binds completely stiff and ignore spring values)
* fixed an issue where multiple PhysX joints could be created between the same two particles by multiple PhysX Bind operators
* fixed an issue where tyBind bounding boxes were not generating correctly
* fixed an issue where tyBind twist limits would not produce a correct result, depending on input object orientation/order
* stretch/compress controls enabled for PhysX Bind tether settings
* operators which import FumeFX data should now respect "start frame" offset setting in FumeFX settings

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