tyFlow v0.16113 (BETA)
(03-18-2021, 05:02 AM)tyFlowHi, thank you for making the script. I want to use it in a render that will have fog and maybe rain. I copied the dlo file into my plugins folder, but it stops 3ds max from even getting past the script. Do you know of a way to solve this problem with the script? I am using 3ds max 2020 on a windows 10 machine. Wrote: tyFlow v0.16113 is up!



* added new simulation reset mode > "Auto [on time change]". The simulation will only reset, once it has detected a change, if the time slider is moved
* added more clustering options to PhysX Bind operator
* added "random" mode to Cluster operator
* added filter rollout to Cluster operator
* added mesh sampling options to tySelect Mesh mode


* fixed a regression where viewport styles were not being properly restored after a tyPreview completed
* fixed issue where Scale operator proximity multipliers were not all unbounded
* fixed an issue that could cause the Subdivide operator to crash while querying the tyFlow's node during threaded subdivision operations
* fixed an issue where tyActors importing both particles and skinned meshes with "included unused particles" enabled would be glitchy

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