tyFlow v0.16125 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16125 is up!



* added more sibling align options to Rotation operator


* tyParticleInterface updated to v2
* fixed a regression which prevented tySelect's face selections mode from working
* "Additional geometry" rollout of Export Particles operator can now take input that would have previously generated a circular dependency error, so you no longer have to create a secondary flow to export objects that are dependent on the flow
* fixed an issue where the Shell operator was corrupting particle volume computations
* flows with looping events (events that eventually connect back to themselves) will no longer be static, even if they only contain static operators
* fixed an issue where the tySplineMesher modifier couldn't be instanced across multiple spline objects
* tyCollections will no longer import other tyCollections that are set to import objects of their same layer (to avoid infinite recursion)
* fixed an issue where the CCCS thickness was internally clamped to a min value of 0.01, and spinners weren't showing values in scene units
* fixed an issue where the tyActor animation list didn't have a vertical scrollbar
* fixed an issue where inside/outside tests of the tyConform modifier would cause massive slowdowns
* fixed an issue where PhysX calculations would still occur in a flow with PhysX ops that were all disabled
* fixed a regression where "in order" mode of the Collision operator wasn't working
* improved performance of Birth Flow operator

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