tyFlow v0.16126 (BETA)
tyFlow 0.16126 is up!



* added deformation relax mode to tyRelax modifier
* added normalize-by-crease-angle setting to Modify Bindings cloth inflation parameters
* tidied tySplines object rollout and added new sort splines setting
* added "preload all" option to tyCache object
* added surface option to tySelect normals mode, for selecting faces within some threshold to the closest normal on the surface of a mesh
* added de-activation option to operator Timing rollouts
* added ability to set export channel names in Export VDB operator


* fixed a regression where the tyParticleController stopped working in the last build
* fixed an issue that could result in tyLooper modifier freezing max
* bounds fracture particle IDs should now be more consistently ordered
* fixed a name duplication issue with the "exportObjectsObjectID" MXS property of the Export Particles operator
* fixed an issue (in VR5) where tyCache/tyFlow instance material overrides would not render
* removed an artificial limit on the max internal separation limit between chunks in the Voronoi Fracture operator

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